Monthly Photo Shoots


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If you are interested in making a significant difference in helping provide photos for the Church’s Call for Photos, try setting up a fun, monthly photo shoot and invite photographers, family, friends, neighbors, and ward and stake members! This helps you and others schedule time to take photos that can be shared with the Church and other members, which in turn helps in worldwide gospel-sharing efforts.

How and where you have each photo shoot is up to you. The important thing is to take photos of a variety of people doing a variety of actions and submit the best photos to the Church.

Some Ideas for a Successful Shoot

  • Select the same day and time every month. Having a shoot the same day every month helps everyone arrange their schedules so they can participate in the fun.
  • Select and schedule locations ahead of time—homes, yards, parks, ward buildings.
  • Make sure you have the approval from your bishop or stake president if you want to include Church facilities in the shoot.
  • Invite individuals, couples, and families to act as models.
  • Send an e-mail reminder of the time and place so everyone remembers the shoot.
  • Make sure every person in a photo has signed, or has had a parent sign, a participant release.
  • Have each person who will be in any photo bring a change of clothes so he or she will appear different in different photos. Mix casual and Church clothes.
  • Send only the best photos, although multiple photos of the same people doing the same thing in different poses or from different angles are acceptable.
  • Remind everyone to avoid wearing clothes with logos, and remind photographers to try and take their photos from angles where logos are not visible or recognizable.
  • Download and use the Example Shot List.
  • Download the The Perfect Photo Shoot to see more ideas.
  • Remember to have fun.

What Types of Photos Are Needed?

High-quality photos are a must. The Church is always in need of photos of members living the gospel. Photos could be people talking, studying, serving, playing, eating, or working. They can be of individuals, couples, parents, children, and families. We need photos of most everything, but people are always the greatest need. For more details, look at the Photo Standards and Photo Needs pages or the Photo Challenges.

Uploading Photos

After the event, select a coordinator to make sure everyone submits their photos. Each photographer will need to upload his or her own photos to be able to log in and click on the “Submit Photos” agreement.

Let Us Know

Let us know where and when your photo shoot will be so we will know how many there are. Also, if you have suggestions for others who want to set up a photo shoot, let us know at and we will share the best suggestions with everyone.