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dental team

August 29, 2011

Janae Bingham, Utah: “Dental Team in Action”

Janae Bingham

I was blessed to be a part of a humanitarian group that traveled to the Dominican Republic to provide dental and medical care to the children in that country. We traveled to several small villages located in the center of sugarcane plantations to provide our services. The villages are occupied by the plantation workers and their families. Their children are frequently found chewing on the woody sugarcane. This results in a great need for dental care, which is difficult for them to come by. It was not uncommon to find children with teeth rotted clear down to their gum line. The need for service was so great. It was an incredible experience to go into these villages and see such great need, yet overall, such peace and happiness. I am continually amazed at the fact that every time I go about to serve someone else, I am the one who comes away feeling as if I have been the most blessed by the experience. Such was the case in this situation as well. I returned home with a renewed sense of priority and gratitude for what the Lord has blessed me with.

—Janae Bingham

Father and Son

August 22, 2011 

Bret Dalton, Utah: "Father and Son"

Bret Dalton

Whenever I go to ward activities I take my camera along. I enjoy taking candid photographs of people, especially kids. This photo was taken at a Fathers and Sons campout my ward had in May of 2010 at a ranch in Central Utah. There was a pond for fishing, a grassy area for football and chasing, and of course, a campfire. The evening wore on and the kids started wearing out, and I saw Brother Williams with his 4-year-old son Alex on his lap sitting near the fire. It was a sweet moment. My own boys are grown and not very cuddly any more, but this photo makes me think that those bonds of love will always exist in the eternities to come.

—Bret Dalton

August 8, 2011 

Dale Stoddard, Utah: “Windmill Tulips”

Melissa Hancock

This photo was taken during a visit by our family to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. They have acres and acres of tulips that they grow, and they sell bulbs worldwide. The picture was taken at a low angle with the windmill in the background. Every spring there is an Oregon Tulip Festival showcasing the tulip farms in the Woodburn area, and the public is invited to come look at all the beautiful tulips.

—Dale Stoddard

August 1, 2011 

Kevin Miller, Nevada: “Line of Soldiers”

Melissa Hancock

One of my younger brothers is a captain in the United States Army. He has faithfully served our country at various posts, including Germany and Iraq. I was privileged to attend the "Change of Command" ceremony in March 2008 where he was released as commanding officer of Bravo 2-6 ADA Air and Missile Defense at Fort Bliss, Texas. 

The image, "Line of Soldiers," was taken during the ceremony. The hands of these soldiers are positioned uniformly, showing willingness to conform and to follow orders with exactness. These hands are also youthful. They are the hands of our young generation today that defend our great country. The photo reminds us that it is not only young men but also young women who protect us. We should have grateful hearts toward all those who actively serve in our military.

—Kevin Miller