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June 27, 2011 

Denise Bird: "Lady on the Beach"  Hawaii

Melissa Hancock

It's hard to resist the ocean when you're in Hawaii.  My husband and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona side where we get spectacular ocean sunsets.  Besides the vog (volcanic smog), we love it here. The warm sunshine and friendly people are a perfect fit for us.  We feel so at home and can't imagine living anywhere else.  

Despite having had skin cancer twice, my mother still wants to come visit us.  Having been warned by her doctors to "stay out of the sun" she needs to  wear lots of sunscreen and always needs to wear a hat when going outside.  We, of course, had to go to the beach and watch the waves.  I sat her down on the beach near an interesting tree and thought she looked like a living "Holly Hobby" doll so I grabbed the camera and started shooting.  That was last year.  This year, she found more spots that might indicate a return of the cancer. We are waiting for the test results to come back from the lab to see if she can come for her annual visit.  We are hoping and praying for a clear test and another visit from my mom.

—Denise Bird

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June 20, 2011 

Melissa Hancock: “Temple Family, Utah”

Melissa Hancock

Oh! This is so exciting! I wasn’t sure why my client wanted a picture with the temple in the background, so I e-mailed her and this is what she told me:

“The first song Ethan learned to sing as a two year old was ‘I Love to See the Temple.’ I sang it to him as a baby to help him fall asleep and continued this as he grew older. I love the simple phrases of this song and its application to young children. This is a tangible representation of our goal as a family to always point ourselves toward the temple. I want my children to have childhood memories of the time Mom and Dad spent going to the temple. I want them to know of the eternal blessings we receive as a family because of temples. Above all, I want to sit in the temple with them someday and know that they too have gained a testimony that we are an eternal family. This is the house of the Lord, and He abides there. As a family, we want to obtain the greatest of all God's gifts, which is eternal life. And the temple is where we start.”
—Lindsay Child

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June 6, 2011, Spotlight

Alicia Blickfeldt: “Wishing, Utah”

Devin Northrup

The story behind this photo is quite simple. This little guy (name unknown) was having quite a time throwing rocks and fall leaves into this wishing well. He'd pick up a handful, deposit them into the well, and immediately start hunting for more. He seemed to understand the concept of dropping things in. Maybe in lieu of money he used what was at his disposal. Maybe he was wishing for a new toy, and maybe he realized that it was worth a try anyway, even if his contributions were from off the ground. Children are amazing.


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