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two sisters

November 28, 2011

Rebecca Proffitt, Alberta: “Two Sisters Share a Secret”

Rebecca Proffitt

From the moment Eliza, six, was born, Analaea, eight, has adored her. They are truly the best of friends. As a home-school mother of five daughters, I am always very busy. These two oldest girls are a great help and blessing as they lead the family through their examples of hard work, love, and service.

—Rebecca Proffitt

fun times

November 21, 2011

Shelby Quist, California: “Fun Times”

Shelby Quist

This was one of our many family vacations, this time to Yellowstone National Park. Being the fun-loving big cousin he is, Carter grabbed little Dallin and put him on his shoulders. The real fun started when I whispered to Dallin to give Carter a “Wet Willy.” However, little Dallin made it even better when he just licked Carter’s ear! Luckily, I was there with my camera, ready to capture the fun. You gotta love family time! 

—Shelby Quist


November 14, 2011

Emily Tomasso, England: “Child”

Emily Tomasso

This picture was taken on the way back from the London Temple on our ward coach. There weren’t enough places for me to attend the temple that trip, so I was able to help in the Primary for the day. As the children sat amongst the beautiful garden of the temple, I could not help but see the light of Christ in their innocent eyes—I just had to catch it on camera! 

—Emily Tomasso

dirty feet

November 7, 2011

Doranda Woestman, Washington: “Dirty Feet"

Doranda Woestman

I took this picture on our only son’s fourth birthday. It looked beautiful and sunny outside our large kitchen window, like it often does in June. I suggested we go out and play. Too excited for shoes, my son ran out of the back door. After several minutes of jumping on the trampoline and running around, he sat down on the newly built picnic bench to rest. I started to feel slightly overwhelmed at how old he was and how fast he grew. It seemed like just months ago when he was a baby in my arms, and now he was running around the backyard and jumping off things. I wanted to document the moment and couldn't think of a better way than to take a picture of what seemed to me like a pair of giant, non-baby, dirty feet.

—Doranda Woestman