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April 30, 2012

Jeffrey Borgholthaus, Lusby, Maryland: “Resurrection Morning”

David Winters

This picture was taken early on a June morning last year. A dear friend and his fiancé were married in the Washington DC Temple that morning and had invited me to attend and to take some photographs of their wedding. As I pulled out of my driveway, I saw the scene that became this image. Since I had my camera for the wedding, I just stopped the car in the middle of the road, grabbed my camera, and took the picture. When I got home, I was pleased at how well it turned out. When I saw the light streaming through the trees, it made me think of the morning of the first Resurrection. Others have stated it brings to their minds the First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have given many framed copies of this picture to members and nonmembers at the passing of loved ones as a token of that glorious Resurrection morning that the life and mission of our Savior promises.


April 23, 2012

Anthony Vidal, Las Vegas, Nevada: “Generations”

David Winters

This photo is a composite of my father, me, and my son. It was intended as a Father’s Day gift for my father as well as a keepsake for my son. The photo has become a family favorite. Here is a quick look behind the dynamics and emotion of the picture.

First, a little background: I am a convert to the Church. I was introduced to the Church in high school when I was befriended by a wonderful group of Mormon youth. Because of their steadfast example, I was baptized during my first semester of college. I served a mission a year later and attribute my activity in the Church today to faith received during those specific two years that I spent in the Lord’s service.

The Church has a magnificent and rich history. My children can be blessed with stories of pioneer ancestors through their mother’s line—stories that encourage and keep their perspective grounded around the Lord’s will. Being the only member in my immediate family, and being born to American immigrants, I often wonder how to teach my children the wonderful heritage that my parents have given me. It is filled with culture, sacrifice, hard work, and a dream of a better life for those after them. I’m grateful that the Church has encouraged me to seek to know about my ancestors, for they truly have given my family a blessed lineage.

The photo was an attempt to encourage an interest for that history by a visual comparison of three generations. This picture shows age lines, earned through years, contrasted with the youthful appearance of one beginning life. The dramatic lighting was created by feathering light from a medium-size soft box. That lighting was used to emphasize texture in the hair and skin, to light the eyes, and to create deep contrast to allow focus to remain on the three subjects. This photo was taken in a living room, filled with normal furniture and wall décor. Adjusting the exposure for the light in the soft box allowed for any distracting items in the room to not be sufficiently lit and therefore remain off the camera.

I hope that my son can look to this as a reminder of the wonderful history that has been lived through his paternal line—stories of perseverance, determination, and sacrifice that complement his pioneer heritage, yet offer a unique insight to the divine preparations that our loving Heavenly Father has made for our family and the generations that follow.

I also hope that it gives my father honor in knowing that his history is an important and integrated part of our children’s lives.                  


April 16, 2012

David Winters, Norcross, Georgia: “Example of the Believers”

David Winters

We are blessed with six wonderful children in our family. I had the opportunity to baptize my four oldest children, but by the time our two youngest children were baptized, they both had older brothers who were priests, so they asked their siblings to perform the ordinance of baptism. In this photo, our youngest child, Joseph, is about to be baptized by his older brother, Jacob. Both of them radiate with goodness, and in their youth, they are “an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

At Joseph's baptism, he not only made sacred covenants and was born anew, but he also formed a special bond with his older brother, Jacob, who was worthy to baptize him.

Incidentally, my son Jacob is also depicted in a piece in the Church's Ninth International Art Competition. He is in the one entitled, "Young Saint," which is the 41st image shown on the following link:


April 9, 2012

Georgia Bailey, St. George, Utah: “Baptism Reflection”

Georgia Bailey

This is a photo of my daughter, Abigail, shortly before her baptism. Abigail soaked up all the information she was given about baptism, and she came to have a sound knowledge of why baptism is important and why she has need of the Savior and His infinite Atonement. This photo illustrates Abigail's reflective nature on coming to the day of her baptism. She thought and pondered all she had learned with a depth of spirit that was touching to all those who know her. She is an excellent example of the pure in heart who, when they hear God's word, accept it with joy. I have learned a lot about being more pensive and meditative from this little eight-year-old, and that's what this photo represents to me.


April 2, 2012

Tammie Olson, Minnesota: “Sisterly Love”

This photo of my two daughters was taken one evening when I was preparing for bed. I was straightening up a little, pulling the decorative pillows off the bed, and turning down the covers. My two daughters, ages 5 and 1 ½ at the time, soon followed me, all dressed in their little jammies. They climbed up and snuggled into my bed, chatting, giggling, and hugging their dollies. I am always looking for opportunities to practice my photography in low-light situations, so I ran quickly for my camera. I snapped this image with only the light available from a single lamp in the room. The first shots I captured were more candid, with the two girls interacting with each other. Then my youngest daughter, Talea, looked right at me, and I captured the one shown here. This photo is special to me for a few reasons. My husband and I waited a long time to have a daughter, having four boys before our first girl. Seeing my daughters snuggled together, I was brimming inside as I felt the love they have for each other. I was full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for both of them.