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Passing the Passion

February 27, 2012

Tosha Stanger, Nevada, “Passing the Passion”

Tosha Stanger

The day that I took this photo was a battle: Happiness vs. Sadness. I used to paint a lot, and draw too. I was an art major at Utah State University (happiness). I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago (sadness). I took up photography; it isn't as bad of a strain on my super sensitive muscles and joints (happiness). I haven't painted a picture in 3 years (sadness). Today I picked up a pen to draw a picture on a CD of photos that I had taken for my brother (happiness). My hands were shaky, and I dropped the pen several times in the process (sadness). I get to be a stay-at-home mom to my cute little boys (happiness). I came to the realization that it was time to pass my brushes and paints on to someone else (sadness). I chose to pass my paints on to my son. He loves to paint and try new techniques; today he started with a brush but moved on to matchbox cars (happiness).

I am realizing that not everything in life turns out the way that we had planned. But sometimes it turns out much better. I am able to find new ways to express myself through art, even if my hands can’t grasp a paintbrush or keep ahold of a pen. For now I can still take photos and use the mouse on my computer. Today I am choosing to let happiness win. I am choosing to not let my pain stop me from accomplishing greatness. I am choosing to recognize the talents that I have been given. Some days I feel like I was robbed of the talent to paint. But today I am realizing that sometimes one door closes so that we will look for another door. Now I have photography, and my son has painting. Happiness definitely won this battle.

—Tosha Stanger


February 20, 2012

Britni Call, Texas, “Teamwork”

Britni Call

I live in the great state of Texas, where football is king. My husband coaches high school football for one of the most successful programs in the state. Just before my little boy's birthday, I told him he needed to plan his upcoming party. He quickly told me that all he wanted was "to just play football with the football boys." I reminded him of all his good friends in his Primary class at church and he said, "No, just the football boys and I just want to play football." My husband and I thought it was going to be really hard to get a bunch of high school kids to stop what they were doing to entertain this kid for his birthday. To our surprise these incredible young men, most of whom needed to work to help their families, took time out of their day to make our little boy smile and have a very special birthday. It took teamwork from these teenagers as they strategically helped the birthday boy score touchdowns, kick field goals, run and catch the ball, and most importantly, smile. What an example of selflessness these young men were to my little boy.



February 13, 2012

Boyd Taylor, Ohio, “Remembering Mom”

Boyd Taylor

On October 9, 2009, the Lord called home the little girl who used to walk through my homeroom in high school. I married this girl, Amy, shortly after my mission. The photo shows our daughter Shelby and me as we remember her and do our part to help find a cure. Breast cancer did not take her, but cancer nonetheless. My brother-in-law, Tim, took the photo and then ran the race, finishing in the top ten. I am sure he ran a little bit harder, a little bit faster, as he remembered his sister-in-law. 56,000 people signed up that day to run, walk, and remember in Columbus, Ohio. They were remembering, not the boardrooms, not the corner office; they were remembering family. My Amy loved her family with twin boys and two daughters. She loved them above all else. Her dying days were spent in our living room surrounded by her four children, her sister, her mother, and her mother-in-law. So on this day, we grabbed the tee shirts and the cards and remembered a daughter, a mother, and a wife. The little girl who walked across the homeroom, who wrote a cold missionary serving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that she had joined the Church, and whose husband had whispered to him, “She is the one to marry,” was remembered. Families can be together forever. Rest in peace, my Amy! Rest in peace.

—Boyd Taylor


February 6, 2012

Candace Read, Arizona, "In Her Mother's Footsteps”

Candace Read

This picture came about as a result of one of my camera club competitions. The theme was “Big and Small.” I had fun taking pictures of my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I became fascinated with their shoes and the messages they sent. After we were done taking pictures, I placed their shoes on the table. My little five-year-old granddaughter loves makeup. I thought it would be fun to use their shoes to show how little girls follow the examples of their mother.

Little girls adore their mothers and want to be just like them when they grow up. These little girls have "pretty big shoes to fill." This is a gentle reminder that mothers need to keep gospel standards as they lead their daughters to follow the footsteps of the Savior.

—Candace Read