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January 30, 2012

Janet Handy, Utah: “Blessing Day”

Janet Handy

This picture was taken on the day of my daughter's blessing. My husband had just finished dressing her for this special occasion, and as he brought her up, I could feel the love he has for her. I quickly grabbed the camera and was fortunate to capture the tenderness and bond between a father and his daughter. I know that through the power of the priesthood, fathers and righteous men can bless the lives of those around them. I am grateful for this gift from our loving and eternal Father in Heaven.

—Janet Handy


January 23, 2012

Jennifer Preece, Utah: “Somersault”

Jennifer Preece

This photo was taken in May of 2010 in the front yard of our Oregon home. We lived far away from family then and were enjoying a visit from grandma and grandpa, who drove all the way from Utah to see us for a weekend. It was a beautiful spring Saturday and we decided to sit out in the sunshine as we mulled over what to do together. We had several fun ideas of places we could go see, but somehow, we forgot about going anywhere and just spent the whole afternoon in the front yard. My girls showed grandma and grandpa all kinds of tricks they could do, like somersaults, standing on their heads, and jumping rope. By the end of the afternoon, we had grandpa and dad joining in on the jump roping, drawing a beautiful chalk mural on the driveway with all the toys out of the garage, and enjoying an afternoon full of laughter and wonderful memories. We didn't end up going anywhere, but it turned out to be the perfect day spending time together and just being home.

—Jennifer Preece


January 16, 2012

Sabrina Jane Macey, Arizona: “Splash and Dash”

Sabrina Macey

I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where the world-famous London Bridge is located. January 2011 was the city's first-ever Hot Air Balloon Festival, which had an amazing turnout from the local citizens and from many of our neighboring towns as well. I read in the local newspaper that if the winds were calm we might have an opportunity to see a maneuver called the "Splash and Dash," where the balloon is lowered close enough to the water to lightly touch it, then lifted back up in the air.

It was our good fortune that Saturday morning of the main event that there was virtually no wind. A friend and I stood with countless other people near the shore of Lake Havasu and could see a few balloons off in the distance hovering over the lake, but within about 20 minutes of sky-watching we noticed a brightly colored balloon floating its way toward us in the same direction as the water. There were about seven or eight people contained in the balloon’s basket, and as it passed over us it was so low to our heads we could have almost touched it. The balloon continued in the direction of the lake, and we could see that the pilot was lowering the balloon towards the water. Those with cameras dashed closer to the shore, hoping to get a picture-perfect shot of a Splash and Dash right there on Lake Havasu. Very slowly and with smoothness you would expect from a skillful pilot, the balloon was set almost perfectly flush with the water, hovered for several seconds, then lifted calmly back up to the air. It was an amazing thing to see up close in person.

Lake Havasu City’s first-ever balloon festival was so well received and attended that it will now become an annual event. I will be camera-ready once again, except next time I am going to try for a picture of the London Bridge with balloons hovering over and around it. 

—Sabrina J. Macey


January 9, 2012

Courtney Price, Washington: “The Power That I Get Each Time I Read”

Courtney Ann Price

I am the branch's Primary music leader and I have a passion for bulletin boards. Our Primary leadership wanted to have a visual in the Primary room to emphasize the message "I Know the Scriptures Are True" for this year. Since I am a photographer, I thought it would be fun to include all the kids in the Primary in this endeavor. I went to each home and photographed children with their siblings, alone, inside, outside—any setting that they felt comfortable in. They each posed with their scriptures. The real payoff has been the final product. Every Sunday, the children are pleased to see themselves, their family members, and their friends reading scriptures in interesting places. The overall message that comes across on the bulletin board is that any child can read the scriptures anywhere and at any time.

This particular photo is precious to me because K has recently graduated to the Young Women program and I miss her sweet spirit in Primary! But I know that because of her love of the scriptures and the gospel, she has a firm foundation to grow on.

—Courtney Price


January 2, 2012

Megan Patricia Kunz, Texas: “Motherhood”

Megan Patricia Kunz

I was asked by a friend to photograph his new baby girl, but in the process his baby girl became antsy so we decided to switch things up a bit. I asked her mom and older brother to play with her and to try to make her laugh. I decided to jump on the opportunity to get some family shots and was so happy I did! I absolutely adore photos where people's real emotions come through. I love to see the joy that this mother had in playing with her children, and, in turn, the joy that her children had when they played with her.

—Megan Patricia Kunz