Archive - September 2012


September 24, 2012

Nicole Smith, Oregon, “What’s in the Basket?”

There isn't a whole lot of backstory. This adorable little girl was way more interested in what was on and in the picnic basket than any of the food, toys, or attention her parents were giving her. It's so fun to be able to capture children's curiosity and watch them figure out their world and experience new things for the first time.


September 17, 2012

Angela Person, California, “Family Silhouette”

This photo was taken during a family portrait session in Clovis, CA. Three generations of the Rowley family gathered together for photos just a few days before one of the young men left to serve a full-time mission. As the sun was setting I asked the soon-to-be missionary to run up the hill so I could capture his silhouette in the sunset. It wasn't long before the three little ones followed him, and then the rest of the family joined them. I asked them to stop in just the right spot. They all held hands, and this image was the result!


September 10, 2012

Gina Peterson, Utah, “Home for the 4th of July”

In the summer of 2011, I had the great opportunity to take my son, Liam, to my small hometown in Indiana. He was 5 and I was elated his memories of this trip would stick—spending quality time with his grandparents, catching candy at the small-town parade, walking to the fair in the park, discovering fireflies for the first time, and watching the fireworks in his grandparents' front yard! The entire day was a lovely dream and, as you can see, Liam was in heaven as he celebrated with sparklers! I couldn't have asked for a better memory of our time in Indiana.


September 3, 2012

Megan Sheldon, Utah, “Maddie at the Beach”

Megan Sheldon

This photograph doesn't have a story as much as it portrays a feeling. While visiting my family in Southern California for Christmas, we took the time to go on a family outing to the beach. We happened to be there during the sunset, which we love watching together as a family. This makes the sunset a symbol of family togetherness and a common love of nature's beauty. My sister is in the water and shows the joy that we can find in the simple pleasures of life. Children often notice the beauty around them because they are not yet tempted to be preoccupied with things of the world. Although she has been to the beach hundreds of times, my sister was still enchanted with putting her feet in the water and splashing around. I have this picture framed on my wall in my apartment. While I am away from my family at college, I often look at this photograph to remember the peace and love I felt for my family that evening and every day.