Archive - April 2013


April 15, 2013

Janine Escobar, Puebla, México: “A Medallion to Remember”

Some days just seem harder than others. Some days you will find yourself facing a mountain that looks difficult to climb. When tired and discouraged, remember to make an effort to reflect and look into your past filled with beauty and memories that will encourage and give you strength to continue.

I found my strength in a medallion that I earned three years ago that reminded me that the oil of virtue is created drop by drop, step by step. We are constantly working towards eternity. It is not an event, but a consistent daily process that requires us to make covenants which will lead us to the temple and to our dear Heavenly Father.


April 1, 2013

Jocelyn Cooley, Springville, Utah: “Eternity in My Baby’s Eyes”

This picture was taken last Thanksgiving next to the reflecting pool at Temple Square. My son, Logan, was eight months old and this was his first time visiting the Salt Lake Temple. We were with my family, and as we were talking, I looked down and saw that he was fascinated with the temple and couldn't take his eyes off it! I had my husband hurry and take the picture of his wonderment. This is probably my favorite photo of my son. When I look at it, I like to imagine that I can see eternity in my baby's eyes. This picture reminds me that through our faith, keeping the commandments, and attending the temple, Logan will always remain our sweet boy.