Archive - July 2013


July 24, 2013

Nancy Higgins, Nampa, Idaho, United States


I had a rare opportunity to join the photo walk at Welfare Square in Salt Lake City. I was taking photos of people at the Deseret Bakery when I noticed this very busy and industrious man. He had an ear-to-ear grin, obviously very happy to be serving there. He would get the freshly baked bread off the racks and then load the bread onto the slicer and bagging machines, going back and forth quickly between two crews working the machines.

He was so pleased that I had asked him for permission to take his photo. On nearly every shot, he would turn towards me as he fulfilled his duties and flash a big grin. I would smile my approval, which brought more poses and more shots. I love special people like him. You can see his great spirit shine through his eyes.

The rest of the photographers were leaving the bakery by the time I was finished with him, and I was a little disappointed to not spend more time seeing how everything in the bakery worked and shooting other photos. When I got home and looked at my photos, I saw it again: the pure joy in his face at serving in the Lord’s bakery. He was making a difference in the lives of others who would eventually receive and eat that precious bread.