Behind the Photo


November 14, 2013

Karen Dórame, Utah, “Quilting a Legacy”

This picture is all about Elna Worthington. She is the story behind the photo. Her living room floor is filled with a quilting frame, and her large dining room table centerpiece is a sewing machine surrounded with fabric and a rainbow variety of thread.

Elna Worthington is a 91-year-old quilter from Utah who has made quilting her life’s passion for just short of a century. She worked on her first quilt as a teenager and figures she has completed hundreds more over her lifetime.

Her love for quilting may have been fostered by her work as a nurse at Pioneer Hospital in what is now known as West Valley City (part of the greater Salt Lake City area). Nursing helped her realize how a warm quilt provides soothing comfort. She continues that noble legacy to this day by donating quilts to the Church's humanitarian efforts, as well as to family, local hospitals, and neighbors.

Elna delights in creating unique themes for her quilts with a clever twist of humor. Her “Pantry” quilt features canning jars and a line of marching ants, as well as a lingering spider in a web lurking in the corner.


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