Archive - August 2012

Rolf Schweizer, Switzerland

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How long have you been a photographer?

Since 1988.

What first piqued your interest in photography?

As a child, I saw wonderful pictures in magazines and dreamed to create those types of pictures. I have always loved creative things such as paintings and singing.

What is your photography forte?

To take pictures of nature, details, macro, and playing with light.

What tip or trick have you learned along the way that made the biggest difference to the quality of your photos?

Having a good camera is very important, but knowing how to use the camera is more important.

What about photography inspires you?

Being able to capture beautiful images that help you remember the beauty.

How do you decide what to shoot and how to shoot it?

It usually depends on the situation, but a lot of times I decide spontaneously. I try to observe and find what might be interesting and then simply start taking photos to see if it is interesting on camera. With today's technology, you can easily take a lot of pictures and then select the best.

Where is your favorite location to shoot?  

I love taking photos in the mountains and the city, but my favorite things to shoot are the simple things that can be big and beautiful on a picture. I like something that tells a story of a past time or as good as new.

What do you love about photography?

I love to express myself with images. I am always fascinated when an image produces a good or pleasant mood. It’s something I can do in my free time and is something where I’m always learning something new. I love photography very much. It is something that allows me to be creative.

What adjectives best describe your photography?

Dreamy, colorful, soothing, atmospheric, and creative.

What advice would you give to new photographers?

Take lots and lots of pictures and then select the best. Don’t get disappointed when your images don’t turn out they way you’d like. Just keeping trying and you will get better.

How important is Photoshop in your final image?

For me it is not the most important. We can certainly improve a lot and color refresh, but it should not alienate the image or distort. I love the naturalness of images, which they express. With too much editing with Photoshop, the naturalness can be lost.

What is your favorite lighting?

Natural lighting by candles, lamps, and by nature, such as fire, the sun, and the moon.

Where is your dream location to shoot?

My dream is to take pictures in America and of course around the globe. I would also like to photograph the beautiful churches and temples for the Church.

What types of photos have you shared with the Church and members?

Photos of animals, nature, flowers, churches, and the holy scriptures.

What is one tip that you would like to share?

I’ve learned not to give up and to keep trying until you get the desired result. It takes time to make progress and it requires practice. Keep taking lots of photos and take photos often.