Archive - May 2013

Wellington Luiz Siqueira, St. Joseph of the Pines, Paraná, Brazil

How long have you been a photographer?

Since 2007.

What first sparked your interest in photography?

I started being interested in photography when I visited the Curitiba Temple in 2007, when I first started taking pictures with a regular digital camera. As my interest in photography and temples grew, I researched more and came across a site where there were many beautiful photos of temples. Since then, I taught myself more about the technical aspects of photography to better understand depth, angles, lighting, and so on to further improve my skills.

What is your photography forte?

I enjoy taking photos of marriages and temples with the professional camera that I now own.

What tip or trick have you learned along the way that made ​​the biggest difference to the quality of your photos?

Try not to shoot in auto mode. Try using other manual functions and learn how your camera works. When taking photos, always hold the camera steady, choose a simple background, and try different angles, composition, and other photography elements to create a scene that can capture feelings.

Where is your dream location to shoot?

The Salt Lake Temple and different states that have beautiful landscapes.