Photographer Spotlight

Janae Bingham: Bluffdale, Utah, USA

How long have you been a photographer?

7 years.

What first piqued your interest in photography?

I started out just wanting to take better photos of my own children. My husband gave me my first DSLR for Christmas a few weeks after my last baby was born. I was so excited because I thought that if I had a good camera my pictures would automatically improve. My first photos were terrible, and I was sure the camera was faulty! I quickly learned that I needed to learn to control the camera and not let it control me. Once I discovered that, a whole new world opened up and I was hooked!

What is your photography forte?

People! I especially love to capture candid photos of children.

What tip or trick have you learned along the way that made the biggest difference to the quality of your photos?

Learning to “see” good light. A photo is only as good as the quality of the available light. If possible, move your subject to where the good light is. Almost any subject/object can be amazing with the right light. And the reverse is true. An amazing subject/object can be ruined by poor light.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?

I love to travel and I love to take pictures. Put the two together, and you have something magical! My favorite thing is to go on humanitarian trips to third world countries and to capture that experience. I love to learn the different cultures and share it through my photos.

What do you love about photography?

I love the memories that come back to me when I look at the photos I have taken. Especially those of my family and trips I have been on.

What advice would you give to new photographers?

Shoot in manual and in RAW! I am always amazed at the difference in editing capabilities between a JPEG image and a RAW image. And once you learn to shoot in manual and take control of your camera, you will be amazed at the difference in your photos!

How important is Photoshop in your final image?

I prefer Adobe Lightroom for my post processing. I always do some editing in Lightroom to tweak exposure, color, contrast, etc. The amount depends on the final look that I am going for, but in my opinion, learning photo editing is essential in becoming a better photographer.

What is your favorite lighting?

The natural light that occurs an hour or so before sunset is my favorite. Window light can also be beautiful.

Where is your dream location to shoot?

I have a dream to take pictures of every LDS temple in the world! And at the rate the Church is building temples, that is a pretty lofty dream!


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