Will there be special requests for videos?

Yes. There may be times when the Church needs specific B-roll footage or other video. When we do, we will list them with the immediate needs. If there are videos needed to fill a request, we hope that members, if they can make the time to help, will fill that need.

Can I submit videos someone else has shot?

No. Submit only videos that you have personally shot. You will sign an agreement stating that you are the one who shot and owns the copyright of the videos, so please do not submit any other videos.

Why are you asking members to donate their videos?

To help Church media professionals have a constant source of high-quality video to use in video projects. Many of the videos may be included in the LDS media site Videos, Audio, and Images, which is a safe place for Church members to find good videos of all kinds and topics to help them share the gospel through Sunday lessons, websites, blogs, and family home evening lessons.

Is there a way to see where my videos have been used?

Currently, there is no way to see where or how videos are used in Church projects. However, we are hoping we can track videos being used on Church websites in the future.

Why is my personal information kept on record?

We keep a record of your information so we have a consistent way to contact you. We may need to contact you regarding problems with uploading video. We may need to contact you if there are any problems getting your videos cleared for use or if we are missing any of your releases.

Will I be given credit for my work?

Some professional videographers have asked if a credit line will appear on their submitted videos. We understand why credit lines are important as you market your work. Having your name out in the public eye can advance your career. However, it is not the objective of the Church to promote individuals or businesses. Because of that, while your name will always be linked to videos you submit to the Church and your name may, in some circumstances, be shown with the videos, there is no guarantee that a credit line will be displayed. There are many places (especially on web pages) that credit lines on all the media would distract from the message.

We are looking for videographers interested in providing video footage to the Church for products and websites. These contributions will also help the Church build a safe resource of great media available for use by the Church and its members. We understand that not everybody will be interested in contributing to this effort.

What's wrong with the Creative Commons licenses? Why do I have to sign an "unlimited" license?

A Creative Commons license is not usable because of the restrictions it places on the Church to always display a credit line. As mentioned above, because there are some places where credit lines will distract from the design of the product or web page, we cannot guarantee to always display a credit line.

If I submit my videos, do I still own the copyright?

Yes. You give the Church an unlimited license to use the videos and to share them with other members, but you keep the copyright to them and can do with them what you want. The only restriction is that you cannot sell an exclusive license to the video to someone in a way that limits the rights of the Church to use the video.

Do I need model, talent, or property releases for my videos?

If the video has any pictures, a participant release for each person in the images will have to be signed to use their image.

The same holds true for any recognizable, privately owned location. A location release will have to be signed by the owner. (Though releases are generally not required for Church-owned properties, note that not all Church history sites are owned by the Church.)

What if my video includes children under the age of 18?

If anybody in your videos is under 18 years old, you will need to get a parent to sign the participant release for each video.

Which agreement or release do I and others need to sign?

PersonWhat they sign
Recognizable People who appear in videoParticipant Release
Owner of Private PropertyLocation Release
Member SubmitterOnline Content Submission Agreement
Co-authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers, or others who may have ownership rights in the music submission.Printed Content Submission Agreement, which you photograph and submit.
Singers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, and others who participated in the production of the musical submission.Participant Release
Parents of children un 18Online Content Submission Agreement and/or Participant Release
Studio owner or responsible partyLocation Release

Can I send in my video on a tape or DVD?

If you are in an area that has low bandwidth and you cannot e-mail your under-12 megabyte video file or use Filesend for files under 5 gigabytes, then you can send your file on a DVD through the mail. Please make sure that it is a file on the DVD and not a real DVD with menus. We don't want to lose the quality from having to compress your video. If you have any other questions, please contact us at create.videos@ldschurch.org.

What kinds of issues will cause a video to not be accepted?

Showing inappropriate content, teaching false or misleading doctrine, failing to include release forms, or submitting a video in a format other than the format requested. View the video standards for more details.

Why can we use only music from the approved list?

To be able to legally post your videos for others to see, we need to make sure the music in the videos does not violate copyright laws. The easiest way to do this with a large number of submissions is to have you use music the Church already owns or that we know is in the public domain.

Why can’t I submit my video with some of my original music?

While many people do write music and want to add the music to their submission, even professionals in the field at times inadvertently add other musical phrases from copyrighted materials into their work. Because of the difficulties in checking all of the potential musical problems for each video, we have limited submissions to include only the music on the approved lists shown on the video contest site. The current list has about 1,000 songs and music tracks.

Note: We do allow you to perform music from the approved list. These songs should be performed by you and those helping to create the videos. Please use the same music and words as are in the original piece.

How does a group submit a video?

Videos are to be submitted once and under one person's name. A group may work on a video together, but it must be submitted under only one of the group member's names.

How will I know if my video is accepted?

We will notify you if your video is accepted. However, due to the amount of video submissions we receive, it may be some time before you will be notified.

What are the submission standards?

The standards are outlined in the video standards page.

Can I submit more than one video?

Yes. We encourage you to submit as many high-quality videos as you would like.

If we tell a story, can it be fiction?

No. The general rule is that all video stories need to be actual accounts.

My native tongue is not English. Would you prefer my video to be in my native language with English subtitles, or done in English only?

Feel free to create the video either way. However, if you record the video in your own language, please include English subtitles.

If I make my own Mormon Message, can I use the LDS Church’s official Mormon Message slate at the end of the one I am creating?

No. Since you are the creator of the video, it would not be appropriate to insert the Church’s official Mormon Message slate at the end of the video. These slates are reserved for official Church use only.