Video Needed for Music and the Spoken Word Broadcasts

Have you ever watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sunday broadcasts of Music and the Spoken Word? If you haven't, check out an example below:


We are looking for short video clips to be shown during choir performances.

Video Topics Needed

There is a wide variety of footage needed.  Here are a few general topics:

  • Families
  • Nature / scenery
  • Sunrise or sunset
  • Holidays
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Water

These are not complete story videos, just short clips depicting everyday life.

Format Needed

Submit HD resolution MP4, Mov, WMV, or AVI formats. For more details, see the Video Standards page.

Video Length

5-30 second individual clips.

How to Submit

Step 1: Sign the online Content Submission Agreement.

Step 2: Send your videos to us through Dropbox or via email.

  • Create a Dropbox folder with your name and share it with, if the clips are under 12 MB.
    • If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can click here to create a free account.
  • Or email the video files to us at

Don't Forget the Releases!

  • You need a signed Participant Release for videos with identifiable people in them.
  • You need a signed Location Release only if the location is recognizable in your video. However, you do not need a release for Church-owned properties such as temples or visitors' centers.


How many video clips can I submit?
As many as you would like to share. There is not a limit.

When can I start submitting b-roll footage?
Now. You can submit footage as soon as you have video.

How will I know if my footage is used?
Generally you will receive an email to let you know.

What happens to footage that isn’t used?
It will continue to be available for future broadcasts of Music and the Spoken Word. It will also be made available to the Church’s film and video producers for use in other Church video projects.

Do I keep the copyright for my footage?
Yes. You keep the copyright to your video footage. You will be giving the Church an unlimited license to use it. The names of those who submitted video footage included in any broadcast will be shown in the credits at the end of the broadcast.

If you have any questions, email us at