Given the number of videos produced by the Church, the immediate video needs are wide ranging and varied. Some types of video footage are always needed. Below are some of the immediate and ongoing needs. The most important needs, however, are high-quality videos.

For a complete list, look at the document LDS Church Video Needs, which you can open and then save on your computer. Remember that when you contribute your videos to the Church, you still retain the copyright to the videos.

Please do not film during Church meetings.

Immediate Needs

Music and the Spoken Word: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir needs more b-roll for their weekly broadcast on a variety of topics.  Details...

Family history indexing. The Church has a need for videos of families, youth, and other individuals doing family history indexing. Details…

Video of couples and families at the temple. The immediate need is couples and families around the Salt Lake Temple, but video from other temples is also needed. (Please remember the participant releases.)

  • Families in Church dress in front of the temple—for both weddings and sealings.
  • “Just married” and exiting the temple, or in front of the temple as in engagement or wedding photos.
  • Wedding dress (either formal wedding dress or temple wedding dress standards).
  • With or without wedding party—with extended family members.


  • Temple in background
  • Preferably nice weather
  • HD video
  • Raw footage preferred
  • Within the past few years
  • Normal speed, static video, and slow movement—limit slow motion, handheld, and dramatized video
  • Various ethnicities

B-Roll (footage to be used in other videos)

  • People and families at temples
  • Families participating in all types of activities
  • Parents talking and teaching children and each other
  • Members of the Church outside the United States
  • Members living the gospel and serving in their callings
  • Temples and chapels around the world
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Service projects
  • Scenery and nature (waterfalls, trees, flowers, animals, and so on)

Inspirational (under 2 minutes)

  • Testimonies
  • Explanation of a doctrine
  • Thoughts on being a member of the Church
  • International family history projects
  • Families living the gospel (family home evening, family scripture study, family prayer)

Ongoing Needs

Your feelings or explanation of a doctrine or other topics (under 2 minutes)

  • Church history in your area of the world
  • Clarifying a myth or rumor
  • Christ-centered church
  • Explanation of a doctrine
  • Personal general conference experience
  • Family home evening (what it is, why we have it, its effect on your family)
  • Important location or memorial in your country and your feelings about it
  • Your invitation to all to come unto Christ
  • Modern-day pioneer
  • Modern-day prophets
  • Mormon culture
  • Restoration
  • Your conversion story

Stories and Quotes (under 2 minutes)

  • Your favorite Bible scripture or story and how it adds to your testimony
  • Favorite quote or story from a General Authority and how it has influenced your life
  • How members in your area travel to church
  • Importance of the temple
  • Family history experiences

How-to or Instructional Videos (under 2 minutes)

  • How I gave out a pass-along card
  • How I shared the Book of Mormon
  • Tips on making a great video (one tip per video)

Complete list of: LDS Church Video Needs

Please Do Not Submit

Video or audio that:
  • Is inappropriate for Church use.
  • Contains credit lines.
  • Has logos, trademarks, or brand names (cars, clothes, smart phones, computers, and so on).
  • Contains embedded copyright notices or watermarks.
  • Contains other videos, photos, advertisements, paintings, sculptures, or any object in a museum or art gallery.
  • Includes people who do not represent the teachings of the Church (in their dress, grooming, vocabulary, gestures, and so on).
  • Contains copyrighted music.
  • Contains poor-quality or distorted audio.