Archive - July 2011

Trial of Adversity

One of three winners in the LDS International Video Contest

Professional category

I love video production and I have always wanted to create uplifting videos that might help someone get through a difficult time or inspire them to be better. When I saw the advertisement for the international video competition on I was immediately drawn to it.

Jackie, my wife, had not long before mentioned a friend of hers named Katie who she went to Southern Virginia University with. As she described her, it was immediately apparent that Katie was not an ordinary woman. She was uniquely active and unselfishly participated in service opportunities both in her community and abroad. It was a shock to discover that with as active, positive, and service oriented as she was, she was paralyzed.



I felt strongly that Katie was the perfect fit for the message I wanted to convey. My wife contacted Katie and she positively accepted the invitation. We had her over for pizza to discuss the video and within a short period of time we started filming. Just like with any project there were setbacks (we had to re-shoot her entire interview because of an audio problem) but through it all we kept moving forward and finally finished the video.

After publishing the video we received an overwhelming response from so many kind people. It has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful I had a small part in helping Katie share her inspiring message and example. Thank you so very much for giving Church members an opportunity to create and contribute something they love to the Church. It is an experience that Katie and I will never forget.

—Jason Barron


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