Archive - June 2011

Life - June 13th

One of three winners in the LDS International Video Contest

Professional category

Originally when I decided that I'd like to participate in the [LDS International Video Contest], I wrote up a script to retell a story about my late father and what he taught me about the importance of home teaching. I posted it to my blog, but life was busier than expected and I ran out of time to film the video that I had originally planned. With less than half a week to go before the deadline, I started brainstorming ideas for videos I could make in a very short amount of time. 

I had been thinking a lot about wanting to have more missionary experiences and opportunities to share the gospel in some way. It seemed to me that participating in the contest, if nothing else, could help me use my talents to share the gospel with at least one person. I spent a lot of time praying about what I could and should do. I spent several hours the Saturday before the deadline searching the scriptures and typing a script for a "word" video. Honestly the hours of work seemed fruitless.

My ideas had been all over the place, and I didn't feel any closer to my goal. After stepping away from all of my effort and ideas to take a break, the inspiration came. I dropped what I was doing and jotted down the ideas that came into my mind that were so much better than all of the other ideas I had spent the whole afternoon working on. The rest of the work animating the video took a long time, but after the inspiration was down on paper, I really felt like the hardest part was over. 



I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers, and He cares about the desires of our hearts. Not only did He bless me with the ideas I had been praying for, but He also blessed me to be able to share them. Once the video was submitted, I naturally shared it on Facebook. I had friends tell me about sharing it with their family and friends, and members and nonmembers alike commented on it and the way the message resonated.

As I worked on the video, I wanted it to be a missionary tool, one that people could share through social media to give an introduction on what the purpose of life is. And I was so grateful to see that people did just that. I've definitely learned that social media can be a good place to "break the ice" and share the gospel in a non-confrontational way that works for some people who are curious. Hopefully it leads people to ask more questions and to look for answers in the right places.

I thought the contest was fun, and for me it was a good incentive to make something that I probably wouldn't have found time to make otherwise.

—Bryce Gandy

Horses on a Ranch - June 6th

Submitted by: Rick Porter



The client (on horseback himself) galloped along the fence line and got the herd to gallop along the fence and past me in one direction. Then he did the same in the opposite direction. Two shots had been all I was able to get when the client said to me, “You must have some pretty good shots from that,” and he then proceeded to move on to the next thing we needed to film.

In the meantime, I was thinking, “No way do I have anything near enough to offer variety or choices in the edit.” But, as it turned out, I slowed the shots down in the editing to get that more majestic feel and added a little vignette and made a couple of cuts back and forth between shots, and it looks great.

Next time I’d prefer at least 20 minutes or more of footage, but it pays to know your equipment so well that you can catch a shot even when you are rushed for time.

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