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Honesty—You Better Believe It!

Brian Burnham

LDS International Video Contest Winner

Professional Category

Brian Burnham

“You should do it!” she said. That was my wife's reaction when she learned of the Church's International Video Contest. At first I did not agree. I thought it would be too time consuming and add an additional element of stress to an already busy schedule. "I still think you should do it", was her only response to my excuses.

During the weeks that followed, I was constantly impressed of the principle of honesty. I remembered a story told by James E. Faust about a young man who stood up for academic honesty in medical school. I could not get the story out of my mind. I could envision angles, close-ups, and camera movements. I could feel that I needed to attempt this project.



One of the challenges in film and video production is to take a concept that is in your mind and effectively transfer to the screen in a way that is faithful to the original vision. Before each of the two shoots, both the modern-day classroom scene and the flashback to the medical school, I felt a fear that I would be unable to capture the footage and performances needed to get the message across without looking silly.

At the time of the medical school shoot, I learned that only two of the background actors were able to attend. I was worried. There was no choice but to recreate our strategy. I rearranged the actors for each shot, reused others, and said to my friend who came to push the camera along the track, “I’ll push, you act.” I handed him a shirt and tie.  I only rolled off the track a couple of times.

I know that the Savior can help us open our mouths to share the principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each of us can seek to find our voice to tell the Father’s story in our own way. This process may include using a computer keyboard, a musical instrument, or my favorite, a camera.


*Brian’s video was one of three winners in the professional category and also one of the “Visitor’s Choice” winners selected by members.  Recently, “Honesty – You Better Believe It!” was selected to be featured as a Mormon Message and has had over 175,000 views on YouTube.