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The Joy of Motherhood

Nathan Schmoe

International Video Contest Participant

Amateur US and Canada Category Participant

Nathan Schmoe

I locked myself in the trunk of my sister's car when I was seven and did a thousand other things that exasperated my mother and nearly made her crazy.

I am now a young father and watching my wife go through those uniquely maternal, refining experiences that continually test her patience but also increase her capacity to love. I wanted to capture that dichotomy; the dark, frustrating moments which give meaning and depth to the shining moments of joy and satisfaction that attend parenting, and specifically: mothering.



The stories and mothers featured in this video are a tiny representation of the innumerable, untold sacrifices made by mothers all around the world every day. Unselfish, unconditional love is what makes sacrifices passable and in motherhood I have witnessed some of its most beautiful displays.