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My Brother Hyrum

Rusty Earl

Rusty Earl

One evening I was at my computer looking at some travel footage from a recent trip. I had my voice-over microphone out and was testing a recording for another video.

My daughter, Hannah, came into the room and asked if I was making a movie about Hyrum. She had seen a shot of him on the screen and thought my project was all about him.

That gave me an idea. I had all kinds of footage of us traveling this last summer, but had not had time to cut it into a film yet. Before you know it, she was on the microphone talking about her brother and telling stories about their adventures together. While I did help her with the narration, her words are from the heart.



Autism is a hard condition to explain to others. Even when your child has had it for years, it's still hard to put into words. If our video does anything, I hope it shows the simplicity and love of one sibling to another.

If a five-year-old can comprehend that her brother acts funny sometimes but is still her best friend, then surely we can comprehend how God must have charity for us. I know God lives. I know He loves us. Whatever our challenges are in this life, I know that God will make them right in the end.


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