Serve in Downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT

Opportunity Description

As a Utah Salt Lake City headquarters missionary, you will be trained to do one of the following assignments: assist patrons in research, do photo duplication, analyze genealogical records, do special projects, help with preservation, train other missionaries, coordinate activities, create and edit learning materials, or support FamilySearch products and services.

Missionaries will serve in at least one of the following locations in Salt Lake City: Church History Library, Church Office Building, Family History Library, or Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Who Can Serve: Full and Part-time Missionaries



  • Desire to serve and share
  • Willingness to learn new skills
  • Work well with others
  • Multiple languages are appreciated
  • Training will be provided

Missionary Experience

Read about the experience missionaries are having as they make a lasting impact:

“We arrived in July 2011 to serve for 23 months. This was the most wonderful experience of our lives. We were sent to Data Quality. The Lord knew best, and this was probably the best thing that could have happened. We went to a zone in the mission where the friendliest and hardest working staff members reside. They welcomed us with opened arms and reminded every day of how valuable our contributions were. We learned to love the other missionaries in our zone like our own brothers and sisters. Our calling was to be Data Administrators for FamilySearch. We were assigned the task of helping the patrons with the worst problems that were found in and Family Tree. We never got to have face to face contact with our patrons (all work is done by email), but received daily confirmations of the spirit that the work we were doing was vital to the correcting of the records of the Family Tree. Great satisfaction was ours every day as we would fix problems, send emails telling the patron what we did, close the case and then quietly receive that little spiritual warm feeling that we had done an important thing for one who has passed on and can't correct the record himself. Many times we also were blessed to receive thank a you from our patron, but the real joy was in helping get the records recorded correctly. We went home to be released on Sunday and on Thursday we turned in our mission papers to serve as Church Service Missionaries for our old zone, Data Quality, for another year. We just haven't had enough of this mission.”
--Elder Robert and Sister Barbara Givens (California)