Answer Family History Questions

Serve in your home

Opportunity Description

As a FamilySearch Support Missionary, you will assist patrons as they work to identify their ancestors and link families. You will provide both guidance and answers to those who contact FamilySearch by phone, chat, or email. All service is done in your home using your own computer and telephone. Online training for this assignment will be provided.

Who Can Serve: Part-time Missionaries (15-32 hours per week)

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  • Good communication
  • Excitement for Family History
  • Experience using Church Family History programs and sites such as and Family Tree
  • Basic computer skills
  • Training will be provided

Missionary Experience

Read about the experience missionaries are having as they make a lasting impact:

“When I first signed up I was unsure how this would work with my schedule. Soon I was in training for a month, and then the real question came up, ‘Will I be able to help others when I am so unsure of myself?’ It was after being set apart that I fully understood that I could make a difference and help patrons. Knowing that there are also experienced missionaries online waiting to assist when I could not answer a question or concern is calming. I am so happy that I volunteered for this calling. I will serve again when my time is up. I enjoy every day that I get to work with someone to find a solution on how FamilySearch works. I have met so many people from all over the country and enjoy talking with them and learn about their family. This is by far the best calling I have had in the Church.”
--Elder Howard (FamilySearch)