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Teaching Youth about the Plan of Salvation

Teachers and leaders of youth will facilitate conversations around the topic of the plan of salvation throughout February.


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The video above—which can be used as a resource—features one young man who has put his faith in God as he’s dealt with tragedy. His understanding of God’s plan has helped him in his trials.

Prayerfully consider the topic and follow the direction of the Spirit as you study and prepare for your lessons. The ideas listed below are areas on which you may want to focus.

Young Men

Understanding the plan of salvation will help young men live with greater purpose. The outlines address important questions such as “What happened in the premortal life?” and “Why do the choices I make matter?” The outline for “What is my role in fulfilling Heavenly Father’s plan?” coordinates with sections from the Duty to God book.

Young Women

You may decide to prepare to help them find answers to questions like “Why do we have adversity?” and “How can I find comfort when someone I care about dies?” Outlines from this month correspond with value experiences for Individual Worth, Choice and Accountability, and Virtue.

Sunday School

Although the topic is the same, the outlines for Sunday School are different than those for Young Women and Young Men. In Sunday School, youth will focus on the importance of learning and teaching in the plan of salvation, with areas of emphasis such as “Why is teaching the gospel important in the plan of salvation?” and “How can I help others participate in learning?”

There are more Come, Follow Me outlines each month than can be covered during Sunday meetings. Specific outlines should be selected prayerfully based on needs of the youth.