Employment Services Missionaries - The Hottels

Employment service missionaries

Sister Jolene and Elder Duane Hottel

We were given the opportunity to serve for six months. We then extended—and then extended a few more times. We are so very blessed that our stake president and our bishop have let us do that.

We assist individuals in improving their situations through learning. As we have served, we have seen so much learning going on, including our own. One program helps individuals obtain their GED, an alternative to a high school diploma. We have seen so many succeed, with some going on to higher education. It is a wonderful feeling to see lives change.

We have met many people from all over the world, and it has been a choice blessing to get to know these people. As we serve, we share our knowledge, skills, and love for good books. One of our Navajo students had a goal to improve his English. He began reading the Book of Mormon. He commented to us, “I have learned that the Book of Mormon is about my ancestors!”

We have witnessed some very positive things happening even in these troubled economic times. We really belong to Jesus Christ’s Church. It has been a wonderful experience to serve.