Employment Services Sister Missionary - Sister Hansen

employment service missionary

Sister Sue Hansen

For almost three years, I have served as a Church-service missionary teaching English and other subjects, such as balancing bank accounts, counting money, reading a textbook, and helping individuals study for job certification. The students I help have become my friends, and I consider them dear friends. How wonderful this has been.

I have had the Holy Ghost help me so many times as I serve in this calling. One of my students was older and could not speak English. She had never been to a school. I received inspiration on how to help her learn to read and write. An extra blessing came to her as we studied together, because she learned to read Spanish as well as English. By listening to the Holy Ghost, I have become an instrument in the Lord’s hands. What a blessing!

Many of my students are refugees from countries plagued by war. Some have survived by hiding in forests and have witnessed the killing of members of their families. I had one student who lived in a communist country where they had no religion and knew nothing of God. How happy it made me to participate in teaching her the gospel and helping her after she was baptized. My gratitude for my blessings of freedom and peace has greatly increased after working with these amazing people.

I have received so many different blessings from serving this mission. This has been a perfect calling for me.