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Understand Doctrine


As you learn about the priesthood, consider studying D&C 4; 13; 20:46–60; 84:18–27; 107:1–21; 121:34–46; 124:142–43. Also consider studying other passages listed in the Topical Guide.
  • Look at the list of doctrinal topics below, and choose four or more that you would like to learn about. One of these should be “The Priesthood and Priesthood Keys.” You can use the scriptures (including the Topical Guide), True to the Faith , Preach My Gospel, and the words of latter-day prophets to learn about these topics.

  • For each topic you study, create a simple outline. It could include: (1) a definition of the topic, (2) teachings and examples from the scriptures and your own life, and (3) your thoughts and feelings about why this topic is important. For examples of outlines, see Preach My Gospel (chapters 2 and 3).

  • Click one of the topics below to begin making your outlines.

Topics in bold correspond to doctrinal units in Come, Follow Me