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For the Strength of Youth: Education

Step 2: Create a Project

“Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:118).

Create a project that will help you apply what you have learned about gaining an education. It should include two parts: (1) plans to gain an education and (2) plans to explore future occupation options. Have a parent or leader approve your project before you begin working on it. Here are some examples of things you could include in each part of your project:


  • Make a list of things you do well in school. Then make a list of things you could do to be more successful in school. Do those things, and note the difference it makes in your performance, your attitude about school, and so on.

  • Make a plan to gain an education or training. Consider including in your plan what schools you would like to attend or training you’d like to receive. Also include what you have to do to be admitted to your school or training program and what options exist to finance this education.

  • Pick a topic you’re interested in that you aren’t learning in school, and research that topic independently. Share what you learn in a presentation or a written paper.


  • Learn about occupations or careers that interest you. This might include touring job sites and interviewing people who work there.

  • Visit a local LDS employment resource center, and talk to a staff member about some of the future occupations or careers you are considering. Ask him or her what you would need to do to get a job in those fields. Share what you learn in a quorum meeting or Mutual activity.

  • If you have income, develop and follow a personal savings and spending plan. It should include paying tithing and saving money for a mission. Share your plan with your parents or quorum members.