Circle of trust

  • Youth in a circle


Learn the importance of teamwork and letting others help you accomplish goals.


Have the youth form one or several tight, closed circles with each youth facing inward, shoulder-to-shoulder. Each of the circle participants must commit to being completely trustworthy and totally willing to physically support another youth inside the circle. Have one youth stand in the middle of the circle with his or her eyes closed, arms crossed over his or her chest. At the appropriate signal, this youth is rotated and moved around the circle while his or her feet remain in the center of the circle. Repeat the activity with each youth who wants to have the experience of trusting others. Some youth may wish to observe rather than stand in the circle.

Follow the game with these reflection questions: How did it feel to be on the inside of the circle? What can this circle represent? When will we need to rely on and trust in others in our lives? How can we become trustworthy? How can we build our trust in the Savior?

Note: Emphasize the importance of being safe during this activity. Individuals with back problems or other related health conditions should not participate.

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