Videography and Photography

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Learn about the principles of videography and photography and explore career options in these areas.


Plan a series of activities to help you learn about making videos and taking photos. These activities should be planned by various team members and chosen from the following five fields of emphasis. You should also choose and plan a culminating activity—such as a film festival or gallery night—from one of the fields of emphasis.

All Scouts and adult leaders will need to have a camera or cell phone with photo and video capabilities for these activities.

Fields of emphasis

Personal development

  • Invite an expert videographer or photographer to teach your team about the principles of video or photo composition. Learn about video and photo editing technology.
  • Take a short trip, and get some practice shooting photos. Subjects or areas of interest could include natural landscapes, old architecture, historical sites, or notable people in your community or family.
  • Invite a professional to share some career options involving video and photo. Take a tour of a facility where creative work is produced.
  • Prepare a home video as a team.
  • Plan devotionals for each activity, including a longer devotional for the culminating activity.


  • Plan a community service project, and document it with photos and video.
  • Contact a community program for children with special needs. With permission, provide the families of these children with photos or videos of their kids participating in the program.

High adventure

  • Plan a film festival or gallery night, and invite your family and others to attend. Those who attend could cast votes for their favorite works, and those works could then be uploaded to YouTube or submitted for a non-Scout competition.
  • Document a high adventure trip with photos or video.
  • Create a slide show presentation with photos and video for a court of honor.

Special programs and events

  • Invite the young women or others to participate in an activity or help make a short video.
  • Attend a local art gallery. Ask the museum curator to give a tour to your team.


  • Photography merit badge
  • Cinematography merit badge
  • Varsity activity pin
  • Personal fitness merit badge

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