Faith walk

  • Blindfolded youth being led by leaders


Practice exercising faith and listening to the Spirit.


Before the activity, weave a rope through a short obstacle course. This could be done outdoors using trees and other natural features or indoors using simple furniture or other items. Display a picture of the Savior at the end of the obstacle course.

Invite a leader or youth to share with the group a short message about faith. Explain that this is a silent activity in which they must heed warnings and hold tightly to the rope. Tell the youth that one leader will represent the voice of the Spirit, and let all the youth hear that leader’s voice. Guide each youth to the beginning of the rope to complete the obstacle course while blindfolded. Have the leader representing the Spirit give wise directions for the youth to follow (such as “step over the log” or “turn left”), and have other leaders attempt to deceive the youth by giving them bad directions. As the youth reach the end of the rope, remove each blindfold so they can see that they reached the Savior.

After all have had a chance to participate, invite the youth to share their impressions of the activity and discuss what they learned about exercising their faith, listening to the Spirit, and enduring to the end.

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