Aaronic Priesthood encampment

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Build relationships, strengthen testimony, and have fun in an outdoor setting.


Plan a stake camp for the young men from each ward (these are sometimes called Helaman’s Camp, Alma’s Camp, Zion’s Camp, and so forth). This could be a day camp or one that spans several days. Stake Aaronic Priesthood encampments are planned under the direction of the stake president and carried out by the stake Young Men presidency or others called to assist. Stakes can also combine together for such activities. These encampments should include a balance of recreational, spiritual, and service-based activities. For example:

  • Recreational activities could include swimming, sports, climbing, archery, or other things the young men like to do. Encourage wards to take advantage of the skills and talents of ward members as they plan these activities.
  • Spiritual activities could include individual scripture study, scripture memorization, small-group discussions led by young men, firesides, testimony meetings, teaching opportunities for the young men, and so on.
  • Service-based activities could include beautifying the campsite or facility, assembling humanitarian kits, learning skills to use in the service of others, and so on.

Each ward could be assigned to plan and oversee a certain number of activities. Choose a campsite or facility that can accommodate the types of activities you want to have.

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