Learn skills, then serve

  • Father and son working on bicycle


Learn a useful skill and use it to serve someone in need.


Find several projects in your stake or community the youth could help with. Many of these projects may require the youth to learn a specific skill in order to complete the task. In addition to serving their community, the youth will be better equipped to serve throughout their lives when they acquire new skills.

After the projects are organized, divide the youth into groups and have someone teach each group a skill needed to complete the projects. For example, if there is a restoration project, some youth could learn how to paint, while others learn how to repair a fence or build a brick wall. Other projects could include beautifying parks or public places, reading to schoolchildren, visiting patients in a hospital, organizing a food drive or blood drive, and so on.

If stake leaders find several projects in your area, the youth could be divided into groups and sent to different locations to perform different service projects. Consider concluding the activity with a dance or game for the youth.

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