Service scavenger hunt

  • Young man with bundle of sticks


Serve others while having fun.


Provide groups of youth with a list of possible service projects, and assign point values to each one. Assign each group (accompanied by an adult leader) to visit nearby homes, streets, or neighborhoods to see how many service projects they can accomplish in that area in a set amount of time. For example, they could clean up litter on a street or offer to pull someone’s weeds. Have all the groups return at the end to add up their points and share their experiences. You could also award extra points for youth who perform service that is not on the list.

After the activity, consider having a short discussion led by youth who are leaders in their quorums or classes. Consider discussing questions like: How did you feel while serving? How were others affected through your service? What is our responsibility to others in our community? Why do we serve? (See Mosiah 2:17.)

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