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    Gratitude for Missionary Work

    Dallin C., age 15 Brazil

    Something I’m very grateful for is missionary work. I try to help the missionaries any way that I can. I like to take opportunities at school to talk about the Church and what I believe. Sometimes I give out a copy of the Book of Mormon. One of the best ways to help missionaries is to be one! Also, working with the missionaries is wonderful and fun. Making contacts with them and going with them to teach others is a great way to help.

    In Brazil, a lot of my friends don’t understand our beliefs or standards. For example, I get asked all the time why I don’t drink coffee. These questions often lead to an opportunity to be a missionary. Not long ago I was able to explain to a young woman about the plan of salvation. Even if your friends don’t join the Church right away, they may still remember what you share with them. I’m grateful for missionary work, especially for the chance to be a missionary every day with my friends.

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