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Gratitude for the Ability to Learn

Madeleine H., age 15 Maryland, USA

One of the things I’m most grateful for is my mind. I know Heavenly Father gave us the ability to think and learn throughout our lives. For example, I have loved studying music and learning to play the guitar, piano, and organ. I like to show my gratitude for this opportunity by sharing music with others around me.

The young men and young women in our ward have an ongoing service project at a nearby home for Alzheimer’s patients. About 20 of us show up once a month and sing songs for the residents. We also just sit and visit with them afterward, sometimes eating treats together. I’m amazed at how much the residents enjoy and appreciate these short visits. Their faces just light up! They’re so happy to see us when we walk through the doors.

Sometimes when we go on the monthly visits, my older sister Grace and I play our guitars while all of the youth sing songs—often hymns—in the main room. I also play the piano on some of our visits. A few times when I’ve played songs that the residents know, they will sing along.

It’s a simple thing we’re doing, but I can tell it makes a big difference in their lives as well as ours. It’s nice knowing I can help brighten their day by spending time with them and sharing something I’ve learned.

Serving others is a great way to put my own problems in perspective. By sharing my talents and time, I’m reminded how blessed I am. I feel good making others happier.

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