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Mutual Album Spotlight: “Better Life”

Helga Camin

What’s the story behind the song “Better Life”?

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Mutual album

I’m Helga Camin. I live in Mexico, near Mexico City. I have three younger brothers and one step-sister. We all love music. I’ve been singing since I was six years old. I also play the guitar and the piano. Two of my brothers also play the guitar, and one brother plays the violin. My mother also loves singing. She even recorded a CD!

“Better Life” is a really simple song, but it reminds you that you don’t have to feel afraid because you don’t know what to choose. It invites others to find the right thing, the better life, the right path. “Better Life” says that it’s worth it. It’s going to be hard, but if you follow Jesus Christ, you’re going to find happiness.

This path isn’t easy
But it’s worth the fight
March on, stay strong
And you’ll be all right.

I wanted to serve a mission, but for many different reasons, I wasn’t able to. Sometimes I felt down because of that. Lots of my friends are going on missions, and lots of people tell me that I should go too. But one day I realized that God gave me all of my talents and abilities for a reason. As I was singing a song, a voice came into my mind and said, “This is your mission.”

So take a deep breath
Take the first step
Follow Him and do what’s right ’cause
It’s a better life
Better life.

In that moment I knew that I could focus my singing and writing on the Lord and dedicate what I did to the service of His Church. So now, every time someone tells me what I should have done with my life, I remember the confirmation I had that this is what God expects me to do with my life.

Open your heart
Give all you got
Follow Him and you will find
It’s a better life
Better life.

I am a true believer that the gospel is the best thing that you could ever have in your life. I have never ever felt more happiness than when I follow the gospel principles. So I wrote “Better Life” to help people realize that the gospel is not boring. It is amazing, true, and brings happiness! The gospel and all the principles that are inside exist because God loves you and because you are worth it.

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