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Mutual Album Spotlight: “One by One”

Jake Garvin

What’s the story behind the song “One by One”?

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I have always liked to learn pop songs on the piano, and I have always liked singing along with them. But it’s so hard to write a song. It doesn’t always come right to you. But one thing I’ve learned about the songwriting process is that you really need to have the Spirit there with you. My brother, Justin, also writes music, so he helped me write “One by One.” (Justin Garvin wrote “Choose to Say” on the 2017 Mutual album.)

There are 7 billion people who need His love
 And the only way to help them and lift them up
Is one by one
One by one

Once, we sat down to write, and we were really struggling to find lyrics that made sense and that we felt would help others. But then we realized we hadn’t said a prayer yet. It felt kind of weird to just stop what we were doing to say a prayer, but we knew it couldn’t hurt. We said a prayer, and afterward we found that it was so much easier to be able to focus. That really strengthened my testimony about prayer. No matter what you’re doing, you have to have a prayer in your heart. And when you’re struggling with anything, you can always say a prayer, and you’ll have the Spirit there with you.

My song is called “One by One,” and the message is that every single person on this whole earth matters. I noticed that each time I’ve helped with service projects we have literally needed every single person there to get the most out of it.

One line that I like is “We are His hands; we’ll help those we can one at a time.”

Every single person
 Is one of a kind
And we are His hands
So we’ll help those we can
One at a time

We’re on this earth as God’s hands to help each other.

One way I’ve been able to serve is as a priesthood holder. Priesthood service plays a huge role in my life. I’ve seen my dad serving and using his priesthood every chance he gets. He inspires me to use my priesthood for the better and to keep serving people as well. Service is such an important part of the work of the priesthood.

I know that if all of us serve together and help each other, great things can happen.

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