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Our Standards Protect Us

Abriel Arnold

“In the Storm”

Age 18, Washington

Pen and colored pencil on paper

Being a missionary is important to Abriel Arnold, and her entry in the International Art Competition for Youth is proof that being a missionary can begin long before you’re old enough to receive a mission call.

For her pen and colored pencil drawing titled “In the Storm,” Abriel, 18, wanted to show how we as members of the Church have a duty to reach out to everyone, especially those who do not have the blessings of the gospel in their lives. She believes that sharing our testimonies is one of the ways we serve both the Lord and our fellow man.

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“Everyone needs comfort from the storm. We must share the light of the gospel with everyone, even if it’s just by offering a helping hand.”

“Everyone needs comfort from the storm. We must share the light of the gospel with everyone, even if it’s just by offering a helping hand,” Abriel says. “Our standards protect us from the barrage of temptations and evils of the world. They allow us to be in the world, but not of the world.”

Abriel, who hopes to take advantage of the opportunity to serve at 19, is preparing by being a missionary now.

“I always make an effort to be as kind and helpful as I can to those around me, especially those of other faiths, because they need good friends the most,” Abriel says. “For most of my schooling, my brothers and I have been the only Mormons in the district. Therefore, my classmates’ perceptions of the LDS Church have fallen mainly to me. I’ve always tried to be a good example and stand as a witness of Jesus Christ in all times and places. The Church is truly inspired and I believe in the gospel teachings with all my heart. I love to share my testimony.”

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In her drawing, Abriel encourages us to share the gospel with those around us even if we’re afraid. She believes that to “arise and shine forth” is really a call to action. “Some people may claim not to need the gospel,” says Abriel, “but it sure makes everything else in life a whole lot easier.”

Abriel is currently enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland where she is majoring in graphic design and plans to serve a mission next year. She says she hopes to one day illustrate “the covers of lovely thick novels.”

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