Gratitude for the Young Women Organization

Lexi T., age 14 California, USA

I’m so grateful that the Young Women organization is such a big part of my life. I try to show my gratitude by helping it be successful. Whenever there’s a service project or activity planned, for example, I show up.

I also help plan some of the Mutual activities. In planning, I try to think about what the other young women like to do. I want to make sure the activities are well attended and that we’re learning and having fun together.

Some of the service projects have been my favorite way to show gratitude. For example, there was a young woman in our ward who ended up sick in the hospital. I went along with the young women to visit her in the hospital to help lift her spirits. It felt nice to do something to brighten her day. We also go on temple trips as a group. Other times we visit some of the young women who don’t come to church as often.

Young Women teaches me so much. Whether I’m learning how to sew, performing service, or just having a great time with the other girls, Young Women has been a big blessing in my life.

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