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    Chih Yun Chang

    “On the way to Early-Morning Seminary”

    Age 16, Taiwan

    Ink painting

    Accepting responsibility for her own spiritual learning has changed Chih-yun Chang’s life. The 16-year-old’s entry in the International Art Competition for Youth symbolizes those changes.

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    “I go to seminary every day,” she says. “And I’ve come to realize that going to seminary really brings me a lot of blessings.”

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    Chih-yun wanted to share her sense of joy in going to seminary with her painting entitled, “On My Way to Early-Morning Seminary.” Chih-yun explains that the “uneven pen strokes in the painting represent the immature me. The straight road symbolizes the direction to eternal life, and the light on the road shows the blessings Heavenly Father has given me.”

    “For the young people in this generation, feasting upon the word of God daily to remain vigilant and make clear judgment is an important tool to stop Satan from controlling our souls,” says Chih-yun. She also says that even though it is not always easy, it is well worth the sacrifice. “The blessings that it brings to you are beyond your imagination. I want to tell everyone to study the scriptures diligently and pursue the blessings that God has in store for you!”

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    Going to seminary every day helped Chih-yun feel confident enough to work with the full-time missionaries in her area. She had the opportunity to help contact people on the street. She says that although many people did not want to listen, she was very excited when someone would stop to hear her message. “Sometimes I wasn’t sure what to say,” Chih-yun explains, “but when I opened my mouth I felt the Spirit fill my heart, and I was able to share the things in my heart. I felt happy to share my testimony.”

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    Chih-yun is a freshman studying fine arts at Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in Taiwan. She started taking drawing lessons at 10 and became very interested in drawing. “I hope that Church members worldwide will feel the uniqueness and beauty of the Chinese ink painting.”

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