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How does Heavenly Father want me to use my spiritual gifts?

Spiritual gifts are blessings or abilities that are given by the power of the Holy Ghost. As children of Heavenly Father, we all have spiritual gifts. God gives us these gifts so that we can serve others and help build His kingdom. He has commanded us to diligently seek out and develop our spiritual gifts.

Prepare yourself spiritually

As you study these scriptures and other resources about spiritual gifts, look for ways to help the young men identify some of their gifts and use them to bless others.

1 Corinthians 12:3–27; Moroni 10:8–18; D&C 46:8–29 (Gifts of the Spirit)

David A. Bednar, “Quick to Observe,” Ensign, Dec. 2006, 31–36; or Liahona, Dec. 2006, 14–20

Spiritual Gifts,” True to the Faith (2004), 165–67

The Gifts of the Spirit,” Gospel Principles (2009), 125–32

Video: “Extraordinary Gift”, “With All Your Heart”

Let the young men lead

A member of the quorum presidency (or an assistant to the bishop in the priests quorum) conducts the quorum meeting. He leads the young men in counseling together about quorum business, teaches them their priesthood duties (from the scriptures and the Duty to God book), encourages them to share their experiences fulfilling their duty to God, and invites an adviser or other quorum member to teach a gospel lesson. He could prepare by filling out a quorum meeting agenda during a presidency meeting.

Begin the learning experience

Choose from these ideas or think of your own to review last week’s lesson and introduce this week’s lesson:

  • Ask each young man to write one sentence that best summarizes last week’s lesson and share it with the quorum.
  • Bring to class a gift-wrapped box with “Doctrine and Covenants 46:8–9” written on a piece of paper inside. Invite the young men to imagine what might be inside the box. Ask one of them to open the box and read the scripture. What are “the best gifts”? What must we do to receive them? Encourage the young men to think about these questions during this lesson. 

Learn together

Each of the activities below will help quorum members learn about the gifts of the Spirit. Following the inspiration of the Spirit, select one or more that will work best for your quorum:

  • Divide the quorum into groups, and assign each group one of the scriptures listed in this outline. Ask each group to make a list of the spiritual gifts mentioned in their passage and identify why God gives us spiritual gifts. Ask one young man from each group to share what his group discovered. Which of these gifts do the young men have? (If any of the young men have received their patriarchal blessing, suggest that they read their blessing later to find out which spiritual gifts they have been given.) Which gifts would they like to have? How could these gifts help them be more effective in fulfilling their priesthood duties?
  • Invite the young men to read the lists of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8–10; Moroni 10:9–16; or Doctrine and Covenants 46:13–25 and find a gift they are interested in learning more about. Give them time to study the gift they chose, using resources such as “The Gifts of the Spirit” in Gospel Principles (pages 125–30), “Spiritual Gifts” in True to the Faith (pages 165–67), or the Topical Guide. Ask them to share what they find. How can these gifts be used to help build the kingdom of God?
  • Ask the young men to list the different positions of a sports team (such as a soccer team or baseball team). How does each player contribute to helping the team win? Have them read 1 Corinthians 12:12–21, in which Paul compares the Church to a body. What do these analogies teach the young men about how we use our spiritual gifts to help build the kingdom of God? Share examples of spiritual gifts that you have noticed in the quorum members (for some examples, see verses 8–10 or the list at the beginning of Elder David A. Bednar’s talk “Quick to Observe”). Invite the quorum president to lead a discussion on how the quorum can work together using their gifts to serve others and help build the kingdom of God.
  • Invite each young man to review the list of spiritual gifts on pages 165–66 of True to the Faith and select one or more that he would like to develop. Ask him to explain why he chose those gifts. How do we develop spiritual gifts? Invite the young men to search Doctrine and Covenants 46:7–12 and “We Can Develop Our Gifts” in Gospel Principles, page 130–31. Ask them to share what they find. What does Doctrine and Covenants 46:9 teach the young men about who can qualify for spiritual gifts?
  • Show one of the videos in this outline and invite the young men to think of and share a talent or gift they see in each member of the quorum (make sure that good qualities of each young man are shared). Invite the young men to read Matthew 25:14–30, or invite a quorum member to retell the parable of the talents. How does this parable relate to the gifts God has given us? How can we as priesthood holders use our talents to serve others and fulfill our priesthood duties? Invite the young men to write down their thoughts, and ask a few of them to share what they wrote with the quorum.

Ask the young men to share what they learned today. Do they understand spiritual gifts better? What feelings or impressions do they have? Do they have any additional questions? Would it be worthwhile to spend more time on this doctrine?

Invite to act

The young man who is conducting concludes the meeting. He could:

  • Invite the young men to use one of their spiritual gifts this week to bless someone they know.
  • Share what he plans to do to develop spiritual gifts, and invite the quorum members to make plans of their own.