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    What is Zion?

    The Lord commands us to “seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion” (D&C 6:6). Zion refers to the Lord’s people who are of one heart and one mind and dwell together in righteousness. We can establish Zion by building unity and spiritual strength in our homes, wards or branches, and communities.

    Prepare yourself spiritually

    Prayerfully study these scriptures and resources. What will inspire the young men to build Zion?

    Mosiah 18:21; D&C 38:27 (We should seek unity)

    4 Nephi 1:1–18 (The Nephites and Lamanites live together in a Zion-like state)

    D&C 6:6; 11:6; 12:6; 14:6 (Seek to establish the cause of Zion)

    D&C 97:21; Moses 7:18 (What is Zion?)

    Jeffrey R. Holland, “Songs Sung and Unsung,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2017, 49–51

    Benjamín De Hoyos, “That Our Light May Be a Standard for the Nations,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2017, 124–26

    Henry B. Eyring, “Our Hearts Knit as One,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2008, 68–71

    Zion,” True to the Faith (2004), 189–90

    Videos: “Dayton’s Legs,” “Sharing the Light of Christ”

    Let the young men lead

    A member of the quorum presidency (or an assistant to the bishop in the priests quorum) conducts the quorum meeting. He leads the young men in counseling together about quorum business, teaches them their priesthood duties (from the scriptures and the Duty to God book), and invites an adviser or other quorum member to teach a gospel lesson. He could prepare by filling out a quorum meeting agenda during a presidency meeting.

    Begin the learning experience

    Choose from these ideas or think of your own to review last week’s lesson and introduce this week’s lesson:

    • Ask each quorum member to finish this sentence: “What we learned last week was important to me because….”
    • Write Zion on the board, and ask the young men to list words that come to mind when they think of Zion. Invite them to read pages 189–90 of True to the Faith to add to their list. What is our role as priesthood holders in building Zion?

    Learn together

    Each of the activities below can help the quorum members learn about Zion. Following the inspiration of the Spirit, select one or more that will work best for your quorum:

    • What did Elder Jeffrey R. Holland teach in his talk “Songs Sung and Unsung” about how the Church is like a choir? To help the young men understand Elder Holland’s metaphor, invite one or more people who have sung in a choir to share their thoughts about how singing in a choir helps them understand the need for diversity in God’s kingdom. How can we build Zion by making “room” in our quorum, in our Young Men group, or in the ward for people who may not feel like they fit in with us? What counsel did Elder Holland give that could help us do this?
    • Elder Benjamín De Hoyos asked the following question in his talk “That Our Light May Be a Standard for the Nations”: “What are some of the important things to be done in this brilliant moment of building up Zion and of gathering Israel?” To help the young men find answers to this question, they could read the last 11 paragraphs of Elder De Hoyos’s talk. How can we better build Zion in the three ways he shared?
    • Read together Moses 7:18–19, looking for another name for Zion. Invite the young men to imagine what a “City of Holiness” would be like. How would it be different from the world we live in now? Invite them to list on the board things that would not exist in a City of Holiness and things that would exist in a City of Holiness. Encourage them to read 4 Nephi 1:1–18 to find things they can add to their lists. What would have to change about us as individuals in order to build Zion? What can the young men do to build Zion in their families? in their quorum?
    • Ask the young men to read Doctrine and Covenants 6:6; 11:6; 12:6; and 14:6 and find a phrase that is common in each. What do the young men think it means to establish the cause of Zion? Show one of the videos suggested in this outline, and ask the quorum members to look for ways the young men in the videos are seeking to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion. What impresses them about these young men’s attitudes and desires? How can they follow the young men’s examples to help establish Zion?
    • Divide the quorum into two groups. Ask one group to read and discuss Mosiah 18:21 and Doctrine and Covenants 38:27, and ask the other group to read and discuss Doctrine and Covenants 97:21 and Moses 7:18. Invite the groups to plan an object lesson they could use to teach the rest of the class what they learned from their scriptures (if they need help, share with them “Use Stories and Examples to Teach Gospel Principles” on page 22 of Teaching in the Savior’s Way). Ask them to share their ideas with each other. What are the blessings of being united as a family, a quorum, and a ward or branch?
    • As a quorum, read D&C 38:27. Why does the Lord want us to be one? Divide sections of President Henry B. Eyring’s talk “Our Hearts Knit as One” among the young men, and ask them to find principles President Eyring teaches that could help us achieve more unity in our families and quorum. Invite the young men to write the principles they find on the board. What are some obstacles that prevent young men from achieving unity? How can they overcome these obstacles? Encourage the young men to set personal goals to apply one of these principles to increase the unity in their families. Work together to set a similar goal to be more united as a quorum.

    Ask the young men to share what they learned today. Do they understand what Zion is? What feelings or impressions do they have? Do they have any additional questions? Would it be worthwhile to spend more time on this doctrine?

    Invite to act

    The young man who is conducting concludes the meeting. He could:

    • Invite the quorum to reach out to someone who does not feel included in their quorum or their circle of friends.
    • Share his feelings about Zion and the importance of quorum unity.