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    Uniformity and Adaptation

    Many suggestions in this guidebook can be adapted to work in local circumstances. As teachers and leaders understand the purpose of these suggestions, they will be inspired to find alternatives that meet the needs of their youth. The following principles should not be adjusted:

    • Leaders and teachers select and prepare lessons from the unit recommended for the month. They base their selections on the needs of the youth they teach.
    • Wherever possible, teachers (including seminary teachers) coordinate and reinforce each other’s efforts.
    • Advisers and teachers earnestly try to teach as the Savior taught—engaging the youth in discovering the gospel through participation in learning experiences. These may include searching the scriptures together, discussing ideas, sharing personal experiences and insights, and bearing testimony.
    • Youth are encouraged to share what they are learning with their families and with others. They should also be given opportunities to teach in Church meetings and activities.
    • All learning at Church should encourage, build upon, and lead to private spiritual experiences in personal prayer, scripture study, pondering, living the gospel in daily life, and serving others. Ultimately, this personal effort is the key to conversion.