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What is the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion?

The Book of Mormon is powerful evidence of the divinity of Christ and proof of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith. An essential part of conversion is receiving a witness from the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true. As a missionary, you must have a personal testimony that the Book of Mormon is true.

Ideas to Help Me Learn

Consider using one or more of the ideas below to guide your study of Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel.

Understand the role of the Book of Mormon

Study “What Is the Role of the Book of Mormon?” (Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel), and take notes in the margin to summarize what you learn. Talk with a family member, friend, or neighbor about what you have learned about the Book of Mormon.

Learn how the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ

Read the section titled “The Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ” on page 105 of Preach My Gospel. Study and mark the scriptures listed at the end of the section. Talk with your parents about what you learned from those scriptures. Ask the full-time missionaries how they help investigators understand that the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ.

Why should we read the Book of Mormon?

Read the last two paragraphs of the introduction page of the Book of Mormon. Determine how you would share these paragraphs to invite someone to read the Book of Mormon. Find someone in your community, school, or workplace to invite to read the Book of Mormon.

Responding to objections and concerns

Read “Use the Book of Mormon to Respond to Objections” on pages 108–9 in Preach My Gospel. With a family member or friend, role-play responding to the objections and concerns listed in the box on page 109.

Find answers to questions of the soul

Study “The Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul” on pages 107–8 of Preach My Gospel, and watch “Questions of the Soul” (5:08) from The District. Ask a returned missionary or the full-time missionaries what questions of the soul they have been asked during their mission and how they have used the Book of Mormon to answer these questions. Find and share with a family member or friend other scriptures from the Book of Mormon that could help answer these types of questions.

Invite others to read the Book of Mormon

Study Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk “Safety for the Soul” (16:48), and ponder your own testimony of the Book of Mormon. What sacrifices were made by Joseph Smith and others to bring forth the Book of Mormon? Also watch “Invitation to Read the Book of Mormon: Alejandra” (5:18) from The District. Think of people you can share the Book of Mormon with. What can you do to inspire them to want to read it?

Study More

Ezekiel 37:15–17; Isaiah 29:13–14; Moroni 10:3–5 (Testaments of the power of the Book of Mormon)

Joseph Smith—History 1:27–60 (Joseph Smith’s testimony of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon)

1 Nephi 13:39–41; 2 Nephi 3:7–15 (The Book of Mormon restores precious truths and confounds false doctrines)

2 Nephi 29:1–14 (The Book of Mormon is evidence that God speaks to many nations)

Matthew 7:15–20 (The Book of Mormon is evidence of Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling)

Doctrine and Covenants 20:5–28 (The Savior talks about the Book of Mormon)

Come, Follow Me: “Why do we need the Book of Mormon?” (Aaronic Priesthood or Young Women)

Jeffrey R. Holland, “Testimony of the Book of Mormon” (4:40)

The Book of Mormon: Keystone of Our Religion,” Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, Chapter 4