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Missionary Preparation

At Church

Church leaders and teachers can support youth as they prepare to serve full-time missions.

Carefully study the doctrines, learning outlines, and experiences provided for youth. Consider using the ideas below to enhance your support for them as they prepare to serve full-time missions.

Review the Basics

Use Scripture Study Skills
During lessons or meetings, take time to help the youth learn basic scriptures study skills (see Preach My Gospel, 17–24). Encourage them to use these skills as they study the principles of missionary work.

Testify of Core Principles
In interviews or informal conversations with the youth, bear testimony of the core principles. Encourage the youth to seek for an understanding of their personal need for the Savior and His Atonement (see basic principle 2). You may find the “Atonement” entry in the Bible Dictionary helpful.

Develop a Christlike Character
Help guide the youth to understand the qualities that make up a Christlike character (see basic principle 3). Lessons from the unit titled “Becoming More Christlike” in Come, Follow Me may help you in these efforts.

Study with the Youth

Hold Youth Discussions
Consider gathering regularly with the youth in your ward or stake who are preparing for full-time missionary service to discuss what they are learning as they study the learning outlines.

Note: If you are holding a missionary preparation course in your ward or stake, consider using these learning outlines as the content for the course.

Explore the Realities of Full-Time Missionary Work
During a class, devotional, or other meeting, invite the full-time missionaries or a recently returned missionary to help the youth understand the realities of full-time missionary life. Have them discuss what they did that helped them be prepared and what else they wish they had done to prepare. They could discuss what the youth are studying in the learning outlines “What is my purpose as a missionary?” and “How do I prepare for life as a missionary?

Teach by the Spirit
Assist the youth in learning how to teach by the Spirit. Adapt one of the learning ideas in the outline titled “How do I learn and teach by the Spirit?” to use in a quorum or class setting.

Act in Faith

Read the Book of Mormon
Help the youth establish a schedule for reading the Book of Mormon at least once before they receive their mission calls, and encourage them to pray for a testimony of its truthfulness (see Act in Faith experience 1). Give them frequent opportunities to share their thoughts and feelings about what they are reading.

Accompany Full-Time Missionaries
Help the youth schedule times to accompany the full-time missionaries to their teaching appointments. Ask the youth to share their experiences with other ward members (see Act in Faith experience 2).

Create a Profile
Plan an activity to help the youth create their own profiles on (see Act in Faith experience 3). Teach them how to talk with others in person about the gospel and the Church. Encourage them to engage in gospel conversations using social media.

Teach Ward Members
Plan an activity in which the youth visit the homes of ward members (including less-active members) to teach what they are learning as they study chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel (see Act in Faith experience 4).