New Experience
    Missionary Preparation

    At Home

    Families can support youth as they prepare to serve full-time mission.

    Carefully study the doctrines, learning outlines, and experiences provided for youth. Consider using the ideas below to enhance your son’s or daughter’s preparation to serve a full-time mission.

    Review the Basics

    Counsel Together
    As your children learn about the requirements for missionary work, counsel with them about the areas in their lives in which they feel they need to be better prepared (see basic principle 1). For example, you could give them opportunities to earn and save money for their missions or help them learn how to start a conversation with someone they just met, respond to criticism about the Church, show respect for the beliefs of others, develop healthy ways of handling stress, and minimize their dependence on technology that will not be used in their missions.

    Testify and Share Experiences
    Frequently share with your children how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is blessing your life (see basic principle 2). Encourage them to share their own experiences and testimonies about the Atonement. Counsel together about how understanding and personally experiencing the Atonement will help your children become more effective missionaries.

    Study Preach My Gospel Together
    Study chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel with your son or daughter, and discuss which Christlike attributes he or she feels inspired to focus on in preparation for missionary service (see basic principle 3).

    Study and Teach by the Spirit
    Teach your children how to study and teach by the Spirit (see basic principles 4 and 5). Provide them with frequent opportunities to teach the gospel in your home.

    Study with My Children

    Read the Book of Mormon
    Read the Book of Mormon as a family and find passages that testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

    Develop a Study Plan
    Encourage your children to develop personal gospel study plans, and invite them to share regularly with the family what they learn from their study.

    Serve Others
    Involve your son or daughter in service activities around the house and the community to help instill an appreciation for the value of working to serve others. Help him or her make a list of service opportunities they could do while serving a mission. Teach your son or daughter to be kind and to show respect and appreciation for all of God’s children.

    Become Temporally Self-Reliant
    Help your prospective missionary become temporally self-reliant by learning to do some of the things mentioned in the learning outline titled “How do I prepare for missionary life?

    Prepare Physically and Emotionally
    Teach your son or daughter how to be physically fit and emotionally healthy. Provide opportunities for him or her to participate in physical exercise and to learn how to maintain emotional health during the various circumstances of missionary life.

    Act in Faith

    Teach from Preach My Gospel
    Let your son or daughter practice teaching your family one of the lessons in chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel. You could also invite a nonmember friend to come to your home and have your son or daughter teach him or her.

    Introduce the Book of Mormon
    Help your son or daughter practice introducing the Book of Mormon to people who are not familiar with it. Help them learn to talk about the book in appealing ways that will inspire people to want to read it.

    Hold Companionship Study
    Provide a place in your home where your prospective missionary can have effective personal study. Consider having regular companionship study with your son or daughter.