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    What are the duties of a priesthood holder?

    The Lord has said that every man who has been ordained to the priesthood should “learn his duty” and “act … in all diligence” (D&C 107:99). The power of the priesthood is manifest when it is exercised worthily to bless Heavenly Father’s sons and daughters. Priesthood holders have specific responsibilities to preach the gospel, administer priesthood ordinances, govern the Church, serve others, and invite all to come unto Christ. Under the direction of priesthood keys, women are given many of these same responsibilities.

    Learning Ideas

    A list of priesthood duties
    Make a list of the duties of a deacon, teacher, priest, or elder by reading the relevant resources listed in this outline. What impressions come to you as you read this list? Are there any duties on your list that you weren’t aware of? If you have questions about these duties, consider talking about them with a quorum president or other priesthood holder.

    Standing ministers
    Study Doctrine and Covenants 84:111. What do you think it means to be a “standing minister”? To learn more about what it means to minister, you could read the scriptures listed under “Minister” in the Topical Guide. You could also read the story of Chy in Brother David L. Beck’s talk “Your Sacred Duty to Minister.” What do you learn from this story about what it means to minister? Read the rest of Brother Beck’s talk, pondering ways you can minister to others.

    Examples from the scriptures
    Search the scriptures (such as those suggested in this outline) to find examples of priesthood holders fulfilling their priesthood duties. What do you learn from these stories about what it means to exercise the priesthood? What can you do to follow the examples of the priesthood holders in these stories? Consider keeping a collection of inspiring stories—from the scriptures, from your own life, and from other sources—about priesthood holders fulfilling their duties. You could also collect stories of faithful women fulfilling responsibilities under the direction of priesthood keys.

    Performing ordinances
    To learn more about how to perform the ordinances of the priesthood, you could study relevant sections of Handbook 2, chapter 20, or the Family Guidebook, 18–25. You could also talk to your father, a quorum president, or another priesthood holder.

    Duty to God
    Follow the suggestions in one of the “Priesthood Duties” sections of Duty to God (pages 23–29, 46–53, or 70–77) to learn about the duties of the Aaronic Priesthood and make plans to fulfill them more faithfully. As you do, consider how fulfilling these duties is helping you prepare to be a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder. Share your thoughts and experiences with your father or a priesthood leader. 

    Study More

    D&C 107:99 (Priesthood holders should learn their duties and be faithful in fulfilling them)

    Matthew 3:1–6; 28:19; Acts 3:1–8; 3 Nephi 18:1–5; D&C 124:123 (Examples of priesthood holders fulfilling their duties)

    D&C 20:46–59; 84:111; Fulfilling My Duty to God, 23; Family Guidebook, 21–23 (Duties of a deacon)

    D&C 20:53–59; 84:11; Fulfilling My Duty to God, 46–47; Family Guidebook, 21–23 (Duties of a teacher)

    D&C 20:46–52; Fulfilling My Duty to God, 70–71; Family Guidebook, 19–20, 21–23 (Duties of a priest)

    D&C 20:38–45; 42:44; 46:2; 107:11–12; Family Guidebook, 18–25 (Duties of an elder)

    David L. Beck, “Your Sacred Duty to Minister,Ensign or Liahona, May 2013, 55–57

    Video: “Fulfilling Your Duty to God”