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    Easter: How can I share my testimony of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection?

    On Easter Sunday we, along with other Christians, celebrate the most significant event in the history of the world—the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He broke the “bands of death, that the grave shall have no victory, and that the sting of death should be swallowed up in the hopes of glory” (Alma 22:14). His Resurrection was the culmination of His atoning sacrifice, by which He overcame sin and death for all mankind. When we share our testimony of the Savior’s Resurrection, we can help others find peace and hope.

    Prepare yourself spiritually

    Prayerfully study the resources below. What do you feel will inspire the youth to bear testimony of the Savior’s Resurrection?

    Luke 24; John 20 (Jesus Christ is resurrected)

    3 Nephi 11:1–17 (The resurrected Savior appears to the Nephites)

    D&C 76:22–24; Joseph Smith—History 1:16–17 (Joseph Smith’s testimony of the risen Savior)

    Thomas S. Monson, “He Is Risen!Ensign or Liahona, May 2010, 87–90

    D. Todd Christofferson, “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2014, 111–14

    The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles,” Ensign, Apr. 2000, 2–3; see also

    Videos: “Because of Him,” “His Sacred Name—an Easter Declaration,” “He Lives—Celebrate Easter Because Jesus Christ Lives,” “The Prince of Peace: Find Lasting Peace through Jesus Christ”

    Make connections

    During the first few minutes of every class, help the youth make connections between things they are learning in various settings (such as personal study, seminary, other Church classes, or experiences with their friends). How can you help them see the relevance of the gospel in daily living? The ideas below might help you:

    • Invite the youth to share how they applied what they learned in last week’s class during the week.
    • Ask the youth to share an experience when they were strengthened by someone’s testimony of Jesus Christ. 

    Learn together

    Each of the activities below will help inspire the youth to share their testimonies of the Resurrection with others. Following the inspiration of the Spirit, select one or more that will work best for your class:

    • Show the videos suggested in this outline, and invite the youth to share their thoughts and feelings about the Savior with each other. Encourage the youth to share one of these videos with their family members, friends, and others. In a future class, invite them to tell about their experiences sharing these messages, including responses they received. Invite the youth to review the activities on and choose one that they would like to do as a class to prepare for Easter.
    • Invite the youth to find and share scriptures (such as those listed in this outline) that they would use to help others strengthen their testimonies of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Encourage the youth to make a list of the scriptures that are shared in class so they can refer back to them.
    • Invite the youth to read “The Living Christ” or one of the general conference talks suggested in this outline, looking for statements that they feel bear powerful testimony of the Savior’s Resurrection. Ask them to share with each other the statements they find and to explain why they are meaningful. Invite the youth to discuss why they feel it is important to have living prophets and apostles who bear witness of the Resurrection. Bear your own testimony of the Resurrection, and invite the youth to do the same.
    • Give the youth time to write down three or more ways Jesus Christ’s Resurrection makes a difference in their lives. Invite them to share what they have written. Give them copies of Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s talk “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” and ask them to look for other things they could add to their lists. Invite them to think of someone who needs to know about the Savior’s Resurrection, and encourage them to determine how they will bear testimony to that person. 

    Ask the youth to share what they learned today. Do they feel inspired to share their testimonies of the Resurrection with others? What feelings or impressions do they have? Do they have any additional questions? Would it be worthwhile to spend more time on this topic?

    Invite to act

    Ask the youth what they feel inspired to do because of what they learned today. Encourage them to act on these feelings. Consider ways you can follow up.